Is your PC screaming for help?

We are here to help — Scams and losses to US citizens are doubling every two years.  The bad guys are getting smarter and their schemes more elaborate. They lure you into trusting them, make you think they are someone they are not, and spoof numbers you may be familiar with, like your bank, to convince you to give up your personal information.  If they are really good, they will trick you into allowing them access to your computer or other device.

Once connected to your computer, within a minute or two, the scammers can install remote connection software that will allow them to access your device at any time they want without your knowledge. It is automatically installed while they distract you with false information about your bank account, a fraudulent transaction, or some other alarming news. Through the remote connection software, they can access your computer and watch your activities, including chats, bank account access, and other activities, recording keystrokes and using your webcam to collect additional information…. again, without your knowledge.

That’s where we can help. Using our skills and tools, we can examine your computer, determine what has been installed and attempt to locate log files to understand what they may have stolen or captured while connected. While other technicians may just uninstall software and return your device, we run multiple scans using various tools that are designed to look for and remove a vast array of malware. We will make recommendations where we find weaknesses in your defenses. And, we will document the entire process to show you the extent of the damage and help you learn how you were attacked.

While many technicians may charge $299 or more, our service typically runs between $50 - $100. We will determine early within the examine if we think additional time or tools will be required and provide you an updated quote before we proceed. We only charge for the actual labor time required to fix the computer, not the time we sat there watching scans run for hours at a time.  We are experts at the craft and have many happy clients.  Call or email if you need our help.   If your device has been compromised, it is important to act quickly to protect your assets and your identity.